1. "A United Nations panel finds the United States has fallen short of meeting its obligations under an international civil rights treaty"
    — The United Nations raps United States civil rights over drone usage, secret programs and surveillance. source (via shortformblog)

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    I hummed the “Dies Irae” as you played the Hallelujah </br>
    Leave me to myself, don’t leave me in myself

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    After hours of discussion and debate, the Central Student Government reversed the indefinite postponement of the controversial divestment resolution and subsequently voted to not pass it in a 25-9 vote with five abstentions early Wednesday morning. Hundreds of individuals gathered to watch the meeting in the Rogel Ballroom in the Michigan Union while hundreds more followed along online through a live-stream. (All images are subject to copyright)

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  7. RICE.

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  8. Leading up to Vampire Weekend’s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ezra took over the show’s Instagram account

    If only Ezra’s twitter humor was allowed to run truly rampant.

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    just precisely how bad was 1500s jerusalem at making maps, you ask? well,


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    Listen to "Fever", the blown-out new single from the Black Keys.